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A greatly dramatized version of Ubisoft’s super-fun development choices.

It’s 2014, y’all. I can create robot ladies in Destiny. You can wear both genders’ clothing in the Saints Row games. Y’all had playable female characters in your multiplayer and you’re telling me now it’s too much work? For the protagonist of your story? On your dev team of several hundreds of people with nine studios working on it?

Ok. Sure, man.

Ah yes, more armchair developers judging real developers about things they know nothing about. Ubisoft could have just not mentioned it at all, but instead they tried to give an explanation for the choices they made, and of course, they get shit for it. I’d certainly like to see more female characters in games, but this comic is really a slap in the face to the amount of work developers put in for games.

Weird, I think it’s a slap in the face to women to not include them in a multiplayer game. But maybe we should think about the developer’s feelings first, eh? It is, after all, a lot of extra work.

Haha, “armchair developers” when half of my female friends that are fucking developers in the industry have said that Ubi’s “explanation” is pure bullshit. Then again, trying to explain away blatant sexism usually is…

People who defend this kind of sexist crap confuse and infuriate me to no end. My friend, (who works as a video game artist) has already poked numerous holes in Ubisoft’s bullshit excuse, and she knows more about video game development than all of us combined, so there’s really nothing you can say that will justify Ubisoft’s glaringly obvious sexism. Good day.

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